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What You Really Win in the Weight Loss Battle

When we talk about the weight loss batter we're not just talking about fitting into a new dress size or toning those abs. There is much more at risk, or better stated, much more to gain. What do you really win in the weight loss battle?


  • • Self Esteem: We all know this is one of the most important aspects in weight loss. Carrying extra pounds makes us statement, and affects what we think about ourselves and how others see us.
  • • Less Toxicity in the Body: By shedding those extra pounds we also remove the containers in the body, known as fat cells, where we store away toxins to keep them away from our vital organs. Less fat can translate to fewer toxins in the body.
  • • A Healthier Heart: Carrying those extra pounds puts a strain on our heart.
  • • More Appeal: Face it, the mirror that is – even though we know that we should love ourselves for who we are, not how we look, there is still appeal to looking better.
  • • Greater Self Awareness: When you focus on your health and wellness you are giving to yourself. A healthy holistic approach to who we are comes from the attention we give to ourselves. Every moment we spend appreciating ourselves is a moment well spent.
  • • More energy: That's right; it takes a lot of energy to carry that extra weight. We’ve seen weight loss shows where the participants tried to carry the weight they had lost, and their reaction is one of shock – they cannot understand how they could have carried so much!

These are just a few of the many reasons why losing those extra pounds can make a difference in your life. What do you win in the weight loss battle? You gain a whole lot more than just another dress size or a rippled stomach.

Author Virginia Pipolini writes Wellness articles for the holistic approach of healing body, mind and spirit.


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