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Losing Weight with Water!

Losing Weight with Water!

There is nothing new about the fact that water is healthy and that it can assist in weight loss. But, did you know why?


Some believe it is because it helps give you a full feeling, reducing the desire to eat as much.

Some suggest that just having something to do with your hands help replace the desire to munch.

There may be plenty of truth to these suggestions, but water also fulfulls a fundamental need for the body. It is needed for metabolism.

Now we\'ve all heard about our metabolism and its importance to weight loss, but water? How does water come into play?

Fat is metabolized by the liver. The liver turns the fat into energy.

It has other functions too. One is assisting the kidneys. If the kidneys are not functioning optimally then, the liver helps out. But then the liver isn\'t able to complete it\'s other job of metabolizing fat.

Water is required in order for the kidneys to perform. If the body determines enough water has not been taken in - it will start to store water. And not necessarily in places we would like.

By taking in plenty of water, the body\'s need to retain water is eliminated.

8 glasses of water each containing 8 ounces of water can do it for most people.

Overweight people as well as those living in a hot climate or exercising intensely require more, often twice the amount we think of as \'optimum\'.

The great thing about the body is that it knows how to get rid of excess water it doesn\'t need.

It\'s wise to remember that most weight loss programs are going to restrict the caloric intake in some way. This automatically means you are going to be taking in less water.

The body receives about 30% of it\'s water via food intake. In eating less, we are also getting less water.

So stay mindful of the need for water especially when cutting down on food intake. And you don\'t need to wait until you\'re parched to drink.

By the time you feel thirsty, the body has already begun the process of storing water.

My Weight Loss Breeze program also places emphasis on water - but in a way you\'ve probably never seen in other weight loss programs.

Christian Goodman is a well known natural health researcher and the author of numerous natural health alternatives. His recent work is his best weight Loss program, which has now helped thousands of people to lose weight.


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