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Six Of The Common Causes For Bulimia

Six Of The Common Causes For Bulimia


There are a large number of people today who suffer from the eating disorder known as Bulimia Nervosa. Even though many studies have been undertaken they have not yet been able to define what causes bulimia. In fact what has been found is that there are a number of different factors which result in people suffering from this type of eating disorder. In this article we look at some of those things which are considered the major contributing causes for bulimia in people nowadays.

Cause 1 - Because we live in a world where the emphasis is constantly being placed on being thin and beautiful it leads a lot of people being dissatisfied with the way that they look. This is especially true for young women who are being constantly bombarded with images that say what they should ideally look like, but which are completely unrealistic.

Cause 2 - Those people today who have very little self esteem are highly susceptible to suffer from bulimia. This low self esteem could have been caused for a variety of reasons but the main ones seem to be they were abused as a child, they suffer from depression or they are trying to be perfect at everything they do.

Cause 3 - People who diet regularly are some of those who may well develop some form of eating disorder including bulimia over those who don\'t. Those who are using drastic types of diets that result in binge eating occurring afterwards are even more susceptible to this type of eating disorder. Those who use these kinds of diets regularly will find over time that they get caught in the cycle of binge eating and purging that is a symptom of bulimia.

Cause 4 - If a person is involved in a certain profession where they need to look a certain way are prone to suffer from eating disorders. How often have stories been told of models, dancers, actors and gymnasts having to fight against eating problems as they need to maintain a certain look if they want to stay at the top of their profession.

Cause 5 - People may suffer from the eating disorder bulimia because of changes that have taken place in their lives recently. It could be down to them moving away from home or because a relationship in which they have been in for some finally comes to an end. Normally these people will end up suffering from bulimia as they see it as a way of helping them to cope with the stress that they are feeling.

Cause 6 - Some people may well suffer from bulimia as it is something that other family members have suffered from. Studies undertaken have how the certain people\'s genetic make up is the cause for bulimia in them. Also in other research carried out it has been found that those whose bodies have low levels of serotonin are susceptible to suffering from bulimia.

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