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Lose 10 Pounds - Be An Early Riser

Do you end up sleeping in until late in the morning every day? Or maybe you take a few days or the weekends to sleep in? This is not good for your metabolism Remember Ben Franklin's advice - early to bed, early to rise? This rings true when it comes to weight loss.


The one way you can lose 10 pounds quickly is to get up early and exercise. You should also, after you are finished exercising, eat some protein. This will give your metabolism a jump start for the entire day. Weight gain is usually the result of inactivity and the consumption of the wrong kinds of foods. You can rectify it right away by starting the day off right.

When you exercise in the morning, it gets your metabolism going right away. You need to raise your metabolism if you are going to lose weight. Remember how much you could eat as a kid and never gain an ounce? The reason for that was a high metabolism. A low metabolism is the result of aging and often, inactivity.

You can lose ten pounds in two weeks easily if you follow this simple plan:

Get up at an early hour. Do not lay in bed all morning long. While you should get your 8 hours of sleep (or however many hours your body requires) you should not sleep for more than 8 hours. Get up early at the same time each day.

Exercise upon awakening. Ever see those old movies where people get up and do deep knee bends in the morning to get themselves started? They weren't that far off track. Actually, this used to be advised in the morning until we became a society of rushing around all the time. Exercises such as those which used to be called calisthenics and a good breakfast used to be the way people started their day. They never dieted and were thin.

Eat something in the morning that contains protein. A hard boiled egg is about 80 calories, if that, and contains protein. Try that or a protein bar. Do not have sugar in the morning as it gives you a false high. If you have coffee or tea, drink it without sugar and limit it to one cup. Getting yourself on a caffeine high is not the way to lose weight.

Why do this? Because you are boosting your metabolism for the day. You will find that you will be able to burn off calories all through the day with a high metabolism. And you will also feel better as well, both mentally and physically. Much better than if you lounged in bed all day.

If you are serious about the desire to lose 10 pounds fast, then try this plan. You will see the results in a week and within two weeks, you will have lost at least 10 pounds. You also need to watch your calorie intake. Do not consume more than your needed calorie intake for your age, gender and height. You can look online for such charts.


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