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Winning Weight Loss for Life: With Answers Come Solutions

Winning Weight Loss for Life: With Answers Come Solutions


Author: Virginia Pipolini

Short lived Weight Loss Diets and Healthy Lifestyle Diets are a way of life for the young and old alike. Western diets are loaded with fats, additives, hormones, and other unmentionable substances. Can we blame our overweight condition only on our diet? Could there be other factors, other than what we consume, that influences the pounds we carry?

Isn't it time we find the truth behind our weight gain and water retention? Being healthy should not be such hard work! We can arm ourselves with the right tools, win the war on fat, and it doesn't have to be an uphill battle!

Let's make one thing clear: we're not just talking about how we look when we face that full body mirror. This is also an issue of health. When we carry excess weight we are carrying much more than a storehouse of energy.

We lock these toxins away in our fat cells to protect the vital organs as well as the brain and central nervous system. Our fat cells are like little prisons for these toxins, but who is the real prisoner? We are, we are the prisoner trapped behind our own toxic wasteland.

It is difficult to single out the cause of our weight problems because typically there is more than one cause. Our diets do not promote healthy cells. Toxicity supports more toxicity. The ultimate digestive maintenance substance called Candida, something that helps us by processing the excess sugar we consume, requires more sugar to survive.

It's been a battle, but a battle worth fighting, and a fight in which we can be victorious. We can win the war on fat, and it doesn't have to be an uphill battle!

Author Virginia Pipolini shares her life experience in weight control in holistic health and wellness atholistic health and wellness. Discover more about the benefits of magnesium in weight loss.


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>MMSor Miracle Mineral Solution, has been successfully used to treat thousands of malaria cases in third world countries. It is inexpensive and easy to use. Find out how this simple oxygen related naturally occurring chemical can help you step up to a healthier lifestyle.

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